About us

Longstanding Experience. Commitment. Efficiency.

Our Story

Our story begins in 1993, when Theodoros S. Lytras, already distinguished for his academics and standing out thanks to his legal aptitude, decided to open his law office. Soon he and his brother, Evangelos Lytras, joined forces and embarked on a successful trajectory as litigation attorneys.

Two years later, with an ever-growing team, the office moved from the outskirts of Pireaus, to the center of Athens, where it is located until today.

By the turn of the millenium, Theodoros Lytras became a Professor of Civil Law at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

The law office started to adopt a boutique law nature, following the respective standards set out by European law practices. Within few years, our office boasted a high-profile clientele, including big banks, publicly traded companies, and notable individuals. From 2008 the office incorporated into a law firm.

We remain at the front line of litigation, and now offer consulting services as well, thus covering a wide range of areas of the law. Our firm's new generation of lawyers creates optimism for the future. Our 30-year long journey will continue, with Lytras and Associates carrying on its legacy but constantly adapting to the evolving legal world.

Our Philosophy

We strive to offer high quality legal services. Our Law Firm guarantees total trust and seriousness in handling all disputes.

Every case is unique and handled with dedication and responsibility. Trust and Efficiency are at the core of our legal philosophy. We are committed to represent every client before justice considering the particular needs of each case. We work with integrity and passion for every client.

Lytras and Associates has a team of lawyers with excellent qualifications. Our team is composed of professionals with deep understanding of the law, high work-ethic and outstanding collaboration.